Our partnership with IdentityMind gave us a powerful advantage in the creation of AirTM, a safe marketplace where anyone, anywhere in the world - including Venezuela - can safely buy or sell crypto without fear of fraud."

Rubén Galindo Steckel Payen, Co-Founder and CEO, AirTM

What would you do if your economy was hit by hyperinflation? Hyperinflation erodes the value of local currency and can wipe out savings, create food shortages, throw the labor market into disarray and cause a recession. Venezuela was hit by hyperinflation in 2017, with 2018's inflation being estimated at 17,000%.

AirTM has created a solution which helps Venezuelan consumers and businesses protect their earnings through a digital wallet. Leveraging the IdentityMind platform, they have been able to create an ecosystem of users and exchangers while maintaining trust and preventing fraud.

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