Achieving a balance between your global customer onboarding strategy, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance requirements, for any business, is difficult without the proper analysis and the right identity verification technology.

This is why we created: “The Digital Identity Evaluation Guide”, which provides a framework that will help you think through your customer onboarding process with a focus on the functionality and the identity checks that can help you achieve it.

There are 4 fundamental questions to answer when designing and implementing your customer onboarding process flow:

  1. Is the identity real?
  2. Is the applicant the owner of the digital identity?
  3. Can you do business with that identity?
  4. What is the risk associated to the digital identity?

This guide will show you how to answer these questions using online identity verification services, with tools that will allow you to quantify the risk score of each Digital Identity and a matrix of identity checks to keep in mind during the customer onboarding process.

Following the fundamental concepts in this framework, and supported by our identity verification platform, our clients have been able to significantly increase their customer growth, while reducing their fraudulent onboarding rate.

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