An Advanced, 3-Step, Online Fraud Prevention Solution

Superior Fraud Prevention for Online Merchants and Payment Service Providers.

The IdentityMind platform brings together a combination of technology and data, with a focus on identifying the user behind every transaction. Our Electronic DNA (eDNA™) correlates more than 40 parameters from payment, KYC, account registration, and other activity to recognize entities across ecommerce.

We combine this with shared reputations, and fraud prevention policies, to help our customers prevent fraud, reduce operational costs, and expand their business into new channels.


Payment Service Providers
Online Merchants
Mobile Commerce
Financial Institutions




Online Identities for eCommerce
1: Online Identities for eCommerce

IdentityMind's eDNA(TM) technology identifies the user behind every transactions and account activity.

Visual Analysis
2: Visual Analysis

The platform then constructs a visual map of each identity, including: name, email, IP geolocation, user accounts, and 46 other factors.

 Payment Reputations
3: Payment Reputations

As the user conducts transactions, our platform develops reputations for each user, and all the entities associated with them.

Rule Decision Engine
4: Rule Decision Engine

These reputations are combined with a fully configurable rule set and policies to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Sixteen Third Party Services, in One API
5: Sixteen Third Party Services, in One API

You can use a large number of tools to increase the effectiveness of your anti-fraud policy, including worldwide identity verifications.

Live-time Updates & the Network Effect
6: Live-time Updates & the Network Effect

Benefit from fraud & rsk information shared accross IdentityMind Global's diverse network of Banks, MSBs, Merchants, and more.



Protect your business against fraud, identity theft, re-shipping, botnets, phishing, account takeovers, and more.

Control Chargebacks
Control Chargebacks

Reduce and maintain a low chargeback rate. Avoid industry nes and protect your processing capabilities.

Reduce Operational Costs
Reduce Operational Costs

Improve your manual review process with customer payment reputations. The more you know, the easier it is to automate the decision process.

Go Mobile
Go Mobile

Offer mobile capabilities, knowing the IdentityMind platform can support the operational and risk requirements of mobile commerce.

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Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud is very difficult to detect. The problem is that by definition the information provided by the customer isn’t flawed. Therefore, the risk indicators can be very subtle and many times non-existent. Aside from being crystal clear with the product offering, and refund/return policies, there are few simple Tips that can work when it comes to dealing with friendly fraud using our platform.

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8 Effect

Detecting fraud is not an exact science. It takes years of experience analyzing transactions on a daily basis, dealing with fraudsters and studying their behavior, in order to become an Anti-Fraud expert. This guide describes some of the most effective strategies to detect fraud on transactions, by analyzing the information collected by your ecommerce system when an order is received, and using your Anti-Fraud tools.

Learn These Strategies