Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are in the news, on your LinkedIn feed, on Twitter hashtags, and also on the legislators' agendas. The US, Canada, and China are at the forefront of ICOs regulation, either defining them, supporting them, or banning them. Understanding the positions they take are crucial for ensuring your ICO complies, and provides clues as to what is likely to come next in the legislation. 

Our panel of regulatory experts included:
Angela Chartrand - Founder at Sentinence
Sarah Hody - Associate at Perkins Cole
Marco Santori - Partner at Cooley
Neal Reiter (Moderator) - Director of Product at IdentityMind Global

We’ve distilled the 19 key insights our panel shared at a webinar in late 2017. For each jurisdiction, we share with you:
The existing legal framework
Key areas of note for ICOs
Regulatory analysis, through a rigorous Q&A

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