Launch Faster. 

IGNITE combines the full protection, processes, visibility, and reporting you need, with simple set-up and a flat-rate price of only $150/month for the first six months.

Comply with U.S. and worldwide regulations, build banking relationships, and begin safely launching your business.

Contact us and jumpstart your business today.



Full Transaction Monitoring & KYC

IGNITE provides you with the most sophisticated AML Compliance platform available. Our single integration point provides you with access to 15+ third-party data and technology providers. Automate your program to analyze transactions in real time, create rules to detect potential laundering activity, and easily review all information required for government notification.

Comply with U.S. and Worldwide regulations, and start building the banking relationships you need to thrive as a virtual currency business.





Fast, Simple Onboarding

The IGNITE Program makes set-up easy. Simply sign up online through the IdentityMind webstore, input your code, and begin testing your new AML program. 



Low, Flat-Rate Introductory Fee

It's difficult to predict volume in the first months after launch. IGNITE eliminates the uncertainty with a low, flat-rate fee to get you launched and safely processing transactions. Stop worrying about traffic, and start building it. 

Prefer to pay in Bitcoin? No longer a problem. The IGNITE webstore accepts payment the same way you do.



IGNITE with IdentityMind

 IdentityMind Global provides the cost-effective AML solution allowing some of the largest Bitcoin exchanges and firms to comply with U.S. and worldwide regulation.

The IGNITE program expands our existing solution to meet the needs of Bitcoin start-ups. Regulatory compliance remains one of the biggest obstacles for launch. By adding a simplified onboarding process, and a low flat-rate fee to help you get started, our program streamlines the compliance process to get your business running and safely processing transactions.

Bitcoin acceptance will grow as more businesses enter the market. But startups need the compliance technology and support to grow. We're looking forward to helping the next generation of Virtual Currency businesses enter the market, faster.

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 This guide describes some of the most effective strategies to detect fraud on transactions, by analyzing the information collected by your ecommerce system when an order is received, and using your Anti-Fraud tools. 


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