Online Lenders are an increasing target for fraudsters. 

We've created this guide for online lending professionals looking to integrate strong identity verification into the loan origination and customer onboarding process.

Download this guide to:

  • Conducting strong identity verification.
  • Checking for telltale signs of identity theft and serial fraud.
  • Incorporating updated strategies for establishing trusted digital identities.

By following these best practices, lenders can analyze names, roles and relationships during the application process, consider the behavior of the applicant, their known history, and determine whether the applicant is linked to previous fraudulent activity.

Start applying these practices today. 

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About IdentityMind

IdentityMind supports your AML and fraud prevention needs across a range of solutions covering Know Your Customer (KYC), sanctions screening, anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring, and chargeback detection. We help you ensure regulatory compliance and protect against fraud losses with our digital identities, providing the most complete picture of a customer’s risk.

Instead of analyzing entities and attributes of a transaction in isolation, IdentityMind builds and verifies identities and draws correlations with other entities and attributes such as shared physical and email addresses. Learn More.

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