Delivering money transfer services, whether to the banked, unbanked or underbanked can be extremely challenging when payment processors and banks continue to derisk Money Service Businesses. The result is that MSBs have a difficult time meeting their customer's needs, and customers have a harder time accessing the money transfer services they need.

What can you do? ldentityMind has a solution.

ldentityMind's ldentityMind for MSBs is an all-in-one solution that combines ldentityMind's market leading risk and compliance platform with IDMPay's merchant services and payment processing.

Key Benefits

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Quickly Onboard and Begin Processing

Simplified boarding, and easy integration to start processing payments as soon as possible. 

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Prevent Losses With Built-In Protection

Our powerful, built-in risk platform helps prevent fraud and analyze the risk of each transaction. 

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Expand Your Business

Accept payments in 63 countries, perform KYC and stay on top of AML regulations almost every where in the world. 

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Reduce Your Operation Costs

Integrated solution to achieve KYC, Transaction Monitoring for Anti Money Laundering, Sanctions Screening and PCI Compliance 


Merchant Services and Payment Processing 

Processing accounts for Credit Card and ACH payments for money transfer organizations around the world. Prevent fraud and analyze risk on every transaction.
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Sanctions Screening

Improve the accuracy and efficiency screening against sanctions programs and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). In addition, detect individual's known associations through public data, social network analysis, deep + dark web, and other data sources. 
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AML Compliance

Know Your Customer: Verify sender's identities worldwide.

Transaction Monitoring: Create alerts to detect potential money-laundering.
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Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent payment fraud, account takeovers, friendly fraud, and onboarding fraud, all in real-time.
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Integrated Platform

One solution for Payments, and Risk+ Compliance (KYC, Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Prevention, Sanctions and PEP screening) 

Single Vendor

One integration gets you access to 20 partners for customer and business verification, document verification, device fingerprinting, and more. 

Scalable Solution

Expand safely as your business demands it. We worry about data storage, global coverage, performance, AML regulations, and the most flexible pricing model. 
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The Network Effect

The most powerful customer reputation source for Money Transmitters in the world. 

Key Features

Payment Processing

Credit card and ACH processing

International and high-risk processing


Shopping cart

Hosted payment page

Fraud Prevention

Exclusive MSB customer white, black list

Global identity validation

Risk scoring through machine learning

Automated, continuous monitoring
Rules, alerts, cases

Sanctions Screening

Built-In SAR filing

Social network, deep and dark web data


Compliance reports

Queue management


20+ data services, one API





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