Virtual Currency
Risk Assessment

Navigating through the regulatory environment is no easy task. With the growing trend and regulatory interest into the complex virtual currency space, having flexible technology that adjusts to these regulatory complexities can make all the difference. The simplified solution; IdentityMind, creator of Trusted Digital Identities (TDIs), brings you its VCRA (Virtual Currency Risk Assessment) feature set and screenings solutions.

VCRA allows Financial Institutions to evaluate the risk of virtual currency transactions as well as the risk of dealing with individuals and businesses that currently transact in virtual currencies. The VCRA service tracks and profiles hundreds of global currency exchanges, ATMs, known money laundering addresses, dark market sites, online gambling shops, and known criminal addresses. This information is put into the context of the individuals that transact and their risk is informed by these risk factors where applicable.

Along with superior sanctions screening capability that adapts to the regulatory environment, IdentityMind ensures that you master today’s regulations and are prepared to take on upcoming regulatory changes.


The IdentityMind VCRA risk assessment factors include:

Peer Group Analysis
Historical Deviation of Transactions
Detection of  Transactions With Illegal Sources of Funds
Real-Time Risk Evaluations

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